Hey mister
What-Chu thinking for tomorrow New Year’s Eve?
Would a fine & dapper gentleman like you want company?
I’m free I’ve got an itch to party

Don’t be nervous honey I’ll be looking out for you all night
You’ll be safe right next to me while we sip on champagne and wine and dine
Do you prefer yours sweet or dry?

Let’s have time of our life while we celebrate endings and new starts
our crimes will be forgotten
let’s try for another chance
no more wasting our moments passing by
We survived this last year
looking forward to the fresh one without a fear
oh would you be so kind, you're my new interest
this chemistry between us... don’t kid me I know it’s there

I know that this past year has been tougher than before
All the crazies and the dips have made you question what’s in store
For this life, there’s got to be more