In the Unknown

Suri Wong

The Story:

There was a secrecy to my relationship with a certain individual. For many reasons, it remained confusing as we both struggled to define ourselves, as well as, the relationship we kept together. Regardless, there was a soul-to-soul connection that remained undeniable and, it was hard for either of us to move on from it, even though, we knew it wasn’t the best.

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Need I Care For You (Duet)

Duet with Joshua Moss 


Need I care for you 
Our entangled youth 
Craves for proof 
Of our validity 

Our love must too 
Be Tried & true 
Through the fire and mire 
A world full of cruelties 

They'll try to take our 
Leave unresolved our dissonances 
and turns our dreams to shame 

Let's rebel against the poison 
The allure of beguiling illusions 
Our love can bear all the pain 

Let me lead you to 
Our forgotten childhood 
long before they told us any different 

On our rock we stood 
As Daring fools 
Unafraid of outer forces 
And gravity 

Need I Care For You 
The one I choose 
Our love will heal this world and 
its atrocities 



Verse 1:  
Crush me under your feet  
To be smooth and dark  
tasted with lips so sweet  

Verse 2:  
Thorns are not enough  
To repel you from myself  
passionately l give  
despite the rebel  

Because scarlet is the color  
Of unmatched desire  
Wants to be filled and whole  

Scarlet is the color  
Of bloodshed on trees  
And wounds that heal  

Verse 3: 
Blush and flush on the cheeks  
Rushing through my veins  
Is the wine that brings true laughter  
Happy when I'm insane  

Verse 4:  
And I wake up in wonder  
Enlightened to my mistake  
It's already done  
But the future can be made

As I Am

I go through a hall of mirrors 
Haunted by the reflections I see 
Every figure misshapened  
Never the perfection I dream 

I was told I'm beautiful 
If then why do the lies seem so real 
Fearfully made and wonderful  
Only to be covered in shame 


Cause I want you to love me as I am  
Will you be the one to save me from myself  

The darkest corners are some how appealing 
It is there I can secretly hide 
But then I met u the light of healing 
Exposing all of my world inside 

I'm drowning in self-obsession  
But you're beautiful face is my salvation 

I know you will love me as I am 
You are the only one who'll save me from myself

Wild Thing

Verse 1:  
Never love a wild thing 
It comes and goes as it wants  
It’ll charm you with its beauty  
Then suddenly, it's gone  

Verse 2: 
You must've scared it away 
In fact, precisely not 
You cared and nurtured it  
And then it grew strong  


But oh it soars so high 
It's amazing when it flies 
But soon all ur doing 
Is staring at the sky  

Verse 3: 

You gave it the choice  
No need for a device 
Liberty's not free  
It always has a price  

Verse 4: 

It may not be safe  
But oh what if it's true 
It’s best when it returns 
Then you know it loved you too 


But oh it soars so high 
It's amazing when it flies 
But soon all ur doing 
Is staring at the sky 

Chorus 2 (end) 

Do not grow faint and bitter 
Oh tenderhearted one 
Don’t forget you too are whole 
And soar right through the sun

Music in Our Dreams

Verse 1: 
Hearts beat to stories to be told  
Whales singing secrets of depths below  
Trees applaud the triumphant entry  
Hills roll in joyful laughing glee  


Music in our dreams, 
the music in our dreams   
That calls the unknown into existence  
The music in our dreams  
the music in our dreams  
The scent of a glory at a distance  

Verse 2: 
Kings searching keys to the answers  
Delight in the mysteries of forever  

May we taste and see the higher

Earth & Heaven

Verse 1:

Whoa you say         
This is what I want 
We're what we embrace  
But they're just statues  

They're just statues   
They're just statues 

Verse 2: 

False hopes you tried  
can't really admit 
You want to be right  
So You trade to be blind  
So You trade to be blind  
So You trade to be blind  


I Am of earth and heaven 
Of the dirt and of sky  
the most of life when combined  
Kisses that spark a start 

With Effortless grace     
I'll never leave you the same  
Never the same  

Verse 3: 

Not gold in pockets  
Or that found in markets  
But curves in my cheeks 
And awe when I speak  
And awe when I speak  
And awe when I speak  

Verse 4: 

A rare find  
And a brilliant mind  
I don't mind  
ruining you 
ruining you 
In the best way oooo