to build a home

to build a home

Verse 1:

The soil swallows these seeds

Planted by these bleeding hands

For too long. For far too long.

But I feel it in my bones

A forest is rising up

From these stones. These forgotten stones


I pray that castles rise up 

From the mounds of dirt

To shelter all the weary souls who 

Come to find their longings met

I pray that gardens grow up

From the mounds of dirt

To feed all the starving souls who

Come to find their longings met

Who come to find their longings met

Verse 2:

My war cry is a song 

Won't runaway, Takes more than day

to build a Rome. to build a home.


The pearl is buried in this land

the treasure buried in this sand 

in this sand…


catch the moon

Verse 1:

Was blinded by the moon,

Ambitious to catch it

None could fathom the success

So I took on the challenge.

Chorus 1:

Your minute is my hour,

the strange abyss of time.

Blank spaces in between

Went straight into the dark

to grasp the orb of light.

I could only leave a mark…

Even after all the fighting

for you

Verse 2:

Enamored, overtaken

By your graceful gentle glow

Then fallin’ into the pits

Your holes became my home. 

Chorus 2:        

You can’t catch what’s meant to be

Free and independent

Though you can discover treasure.

The chase was worth it all

The chance to make it happen

By the mystery of the arc

Even if I don’t outlast 

the ending…



Verse 1:

I'm on a journey to the mountaintop

Down by the river to meet where the source starts

Wanna see with new heights and with new eyes                           

I know my limits, I've been falling out blind 


Im finding my way home right through this fire

Ascending to Heaven, descending  past my pride 

The thinnest place where dirt meets the sky         

Where, in peace, I’ll finally abide 

Verse 2:

Made my home not by finding the top

But in the valley with my face to the ground 

Walking circles to undo the fear 

made a river with my own tears 

Chorus 2:

No longer crippled by my doubts  

Can I escape the internal drought? 

I’ve made a river from these rocks 

I've made peace with my dramatic thoughts

I’ve made a home right within myself

Where there’s life and an eternal well. 



Verse 1:

How do I keep from giving up,

all the uncertainty that looms?

No one had said it would be this hard

While being tempted to front or to remain true 

more choices come with more doubt 

Of what I actually think I want or need 

This friction that I feel inside 

A Vital necessity to test what I believe 


Accusers are so many 

achievers are so few.  

Accusers are so many 

achievers are so few.  

All this talk is making me run around in loops 

What if I never silence my ruminations 

Verse 2:

We are Critics and cynics 

Who are afraid to admit that we might be wrong. 

More impressive to debate, rather than 

changing problems for the greater good. 

The red tape is just an excuse—

Ways to keep us confused 

and walking in our sleep


I can't just stand here and believe 

the world’s fall beneath our feet 

Won't be gettin’ any sleep 

Until we're livin’ free

So I'll fly above the norms 

And weather the crazy storms 

Heal the torn

‘Stead of causing war  


Where Were You?

This song was written in 2015 after Suri chatted with a trafficked Chinese woman in her room in a Hong Kong brothel. Such a human experience impacted her and she wrote this song with modern slavery in mind. It won 1st place Battle of the Bands competition for the 852 Freedom Campaign.  
It is re-released on Juneteenth as a celebration of the emancipation of slaves in the US in the 19th century. However, the song beckons that there is a way to go on the road to recovery and reform. 

You count your trophies in your good deeds collection  
Finding people you can tell, do you really think you’ve helped  
Any other people but yourself?  

While 1,2,3,4  
They count us like we’re shackled savages  
Empty, soulless bodies, stripped of dignity  

Where were you when they took me from my loved ones?  
Where were you when I was beaten to the ground?  
I’m asking you, if you have keys to our chains, to free us from our shame?  
Have our lives been paid for?  

Oh, what glory can be found through the eyes of a stranger?  
Bear the unease. Would you stay here, please?  
For me.  

Where were you when I was tired and hungry?  
Where were you when I was sick in bed?  
Have you come to see me in jail? Or listen to my wails?  
On the road less taken.  

Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundations?  
Was it you who birthed the morning star?  
Have you entered springs of the sea?  
See dark gates of deep?  
If you have, then speak!  

I love you, so go.  
Be my face to those  
Who still need me. 

Til the End (feat. Abstrak Mind)

Verse 1: 
You’re the puzzle I’d spend my life trying to crack. 
The only hint I want you to give 
Is whether you like me back. 

I can now hear it, you're the rhythm to my melody. 
In rooms together, you’re the silence to my speech 

I didn’t know how to make sense of us, 
But I am learning to let go and trust 

I’m ready to go down this road 
With my hand in yours 
No matter what this future holds 
I’ll be there til the end 

Abstrak Mind: 
No time limit 
My feelings that I’m feeling deep inside they are endless 
If something there is broken let’s Amend it 
I say let’s not place pride above Forgiveness Your presence to me it’s like a present 
The joy I get from unwrapping yo gift is so Pleasant 
As I speak I hope you get this message 
I can be the match to spark your fire if you let it 
Out of all the puzzle pieces 
You are the peace to make this puzzle completed 
Plans got canceled, X’s got deleted 
They lacked the O’s to give love meaning 

Verse 2: 
When I’m spinning, hearing your voice makes 
time stand still 
And your kisses, send me illuminating chills 

I never knew a love could be like this 
My heart knows you are the piece that fits 

I’m ready to go down this road 
With my hand in yours 
No matter what this future holds 
I’ll be there til the end

In the Unknown

My soul tortured by your absence 
Though in spirit knew you’re not far 
More like closer than skin 
It’s just that way. That’s how we are  
That’s how we like it.  

The world cannot know us like this 
Just between me and you 
They may never get this which exists  
Uncover, this thing we do,  
We know we do. 

I could trade you in for another plot 
and wait ‘til my mind blots you out 
but it’s too much to bear 
Yeah, we’re dying away  
but that’s how we are 
and that’s how we like it  

Maybe someday we’ll freely 
Come out from hiding under the Cold 
Frosted snow where we stayed  
To survive to keep alive in the unknown  

I could trade you in for another plot 
and wait ‘til my mind blots you out 
but it’s too much to bear 
Yeah, we’re dying away  
but that’s how we are 
and that’s how we like it  

I’m scared that the Secret that we hold 
Is more exciting than Truth laid bare Herself 
I’m scared that the Secret that we hold 
Is more exciting than Truth laid bare Herself 
But she’s not for the weak. 
No, she’s not for the weak. 

Need I Care For You (Duet)

Duet with Joshua Moss 


Need I care for you 
Our entangled youth 
Craves for proof 
Of our validity 

Our love must too 
Be Tried & true 
Through the fire and mire 
A world full of cruelties 

They'll try to take our 
Leave unresolved our dissonances 
and turns our dreams to shame 

Let's rebel against the poison 
The allure of beguiling illusions 
Our love can bear all the pain 

Let me lead you to 
Our forgotten childhood 
long before they told us any different 

On our rock we stood 
As Daring fools 
Unafraid of outer forces 
And gravity 

Need I Care For You 
The one I choose 
Our love will heal this world and 
its atrocities 

As I Am EP

Time of Our Lives (NYE Single)

Time of Our Lives (Tendero Remix) ft. Joey Price