1. uncertainty

From the recording to build a home

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Verse 1:

How do I keep from giving up,

all the uncertainty that looms?

No one had said it would be this hard

While being tempted to front or to remain true

more choices come with more doubt

Of what I actually think I want or need

This friction that I feel inside

A Vital necessity to test what I believe


Accusers are so many

achievers are so few.

Accusers are so many

achievers are so few.

All this talk is making me run around in loops

What if I never silence my ruminations

Verse 2:

We are Critics and cynics

Who are afraid to admit that we might be wrong.

More impressive to debate, rather than

changing problems for the greater good.

The red tape is just an excuse—

Ways to keep us confused

and walking in our sleep


I can't just stand here and believe

the world’s fall beneath our feet

Won't be gettin’ any sleep

Until we're livin’ free

So I'll fly above the norms

And weather the crazy storms

Heal the torn

‘Stead of causing war