1. journey

From the recording to build a home

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Verse 1:

I'm on a journey to the mountaintop

Down by the river to meet where the source starts

Wanna see with new heights and with new eyes

I know my limits, I've been falling out blind


Im finding my way home right through this fire

Ascending to Heaven, descending past my pride

The thinnest place where dirt meets the sky

Where, in peace, I’ll finally abide

Verse 2:

Made my home not by finding the top

But in the valley with my face to the ground

Walking circles to undo the fear

made a river with my own tears

Chorus 2:

No longer crippled by my doubts

Can I escape the internal drought?

I’ve made a river from these rocks

I've made peace with my dramatic thoughts

I’ve made a home right within myself

Where there’s life and an eternal well.