1. catch the moon

From the recording to build a home

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catch the moon

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Verse 1:

Was blinded by the moon,

Ambitious to catch it

None could fathom the success

So I took on the challenge.

Chorus 1:

Your minute is my hour,

the strange abyss of time.

Blank spaces in between

Went straight into the dark

to grasp the orb of light.

I could only leave a mark…

Even after all the fighting

for you

Verse 2:

Enamored, overtaken

By your graceful gentle glow

Then fallin’ into the pits

Your holes became my home.

Chorus 2:

You can’t catch what’s meant to be

Free and independent

Though you can discover treasure.

The chase was worth it all

The chance to make it happen

By the mystery of the arc

Even if I don’t outlast

the ending…